Building a successful company is a great challange. We are ready to support you in this endeavour with the latest technologies, and the most experienced professionals.

In line with the latest trends
Cloud-based solutions, IoT, automated functions, machine learning are not the future-- they are the present. We work to help our customers leverage the technological and business opportunities of the present and the future.
Symbiosis with our Customers
We aim for long-term cooperations with our customers. We work together to ensure that they can adapt to a quickly changing market environment.
Hand in hand with Microsoft
As a Microsoft Gold partner, we have a deep understanding of industry-specific and legal requirements at both the Hungarian and International levels.

Transform how you do business

Leverage new opportunities across your organization when you bring people, data, and processes together with Microsoft Dynamics 365—intelligent business applications that help you manage your business while better engaging customers.


Our solutions for all purposes

We have revisited one of our most popular products and packed it for you into an affordable service that is available for a monthly fee. A Microsoft Dynamics NAV has never been more accessible than it is now.

Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) enables comprehensive enterprise resource planning at large companies and provides continuous access to up-to-date information.

The XPRM project and resource management solution addresses the entire life-cycle of projects, from first point of contact to invoicing.

Solutions to answer all needs

Our Microsoft Dynamics based solutions empower us to answer the needs of the widest range of industries by developing systems that are adapted to their requirements. Amongst our references, you may find representatives of the livestock wholesale, the real estate development and management or the transportation industries as well.

Our Industry Solutions

Our Customers

  • We have chosen the Microsoft Axapta ERP system, and we do not regret it. When the choice was made, beside the criteria of quickness, flexibility and internet options, we found it important to consider whether the employees working with a computer can take ownership of the system which facilitates their work instead of constituting a burden. Using the solution, our processes are getting smoother, more transparent and more efficient.
    Poroszka Ottó
    Marso Kft.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) has clearly improved the competitiveness of Masterplast, showcased by an increased number of customers, by the improvement of service quality and by a more accurate information provision. The system provides what we expect: greater effectiveness, accurate, up-to-date data and clearly defined responsibilities and roles.
    Gulyás Annamária
    Masterplast Kft.
  • Data recording is performed in all cases at the same workstation, however, the result is spread across the company, so that finally the same information could be retrieved at all departments. The number of missing information has been reduced, and technically no more discrepancies exist due to duplicate data entry.
    Ico Zrt.
  • Thanks to the PDA equipped with a bar-code reader we are no longer dependent on the human factor. Seasonal workers can also start working immediately which results in significant cost savings as well besides the flexible adjustments of the headcount, adapted to turnover. The online system minimizes the mistakes and the associated loss of prestige and money.
    HANSA-Kontakt Kft.

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